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The role of bronzing process characteristics in gift box packaging and printing

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Update time : 2020-06-02 10:32:56

The role of bronzing process characteristics in gift box packaging and printing

With the continuous development of modern printing technology, customers have higher and higher requirements for packaging and printing products. The bronzing process is more and more used in packaging and printing production with its own luster and brilliant effects to meet the growing customization needs of customers. The role of bronzing process in the design of gift box packaging and printing is becoming more and more obvious.

Bronzing is a printing process widely used in packaging companies at present. Bronzing is generally carried out by means of heating and pressurization, using the bronzing plate installed on the bronzing machine, and the pattern or text is pressed together in a short time through the aluminum foil Transferred to the processing technology of the surface of the hot stamp. The bronzing process is an important process to increase the visual effects of printed labels, LOGO, etc., and improve the product quality.

Hot stamping can be divided into hot stamping and cold stamping from the hot stamping method. Hot stamping is a hot stamping process that requires the use of heat and pressure to complete the transfer of anodized aluminum foil. Cold blanching is a special anodized aluminum used. The back is not coated with adhesive. The adhesive is directly applied to the position where decoration is needed during printing. The aluminum oxide is transferred to the surface of the packaging printed matter under a certain pressure.

Hot stamping can be divided into hot stamping after printing and hot stamping after printing. The hot stamping is to stamp the anodized aluminum foil on the printed matter, and then the product icon is printed. The hot stamping before printing is an innovation in the printing industry. The special application of the process, the application of this bronzing process has high requirements for anodized aluminum. Printing first and then hot is to stamp the required patterns on the parts of the printed packaging that need to be hot stamped.

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