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How to match different color paper bags

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Update time : 2020-05-28 10:35:29

How to match different color paper bags

We will encounter all kinds of handbags in our daily shopping life. In addition to the unique shape of the digging pockets, almost all handbags will use a handbag, how to use paper handbags with different colors of handbags.

Kraft paper bag

Kraft paper bags can usually be divided into yellow kraft paper bags and white kraft paper bags. Yellow kraft paper has a yellow-brown color because it has not been bleached, and the bag body does not need to be covered. The kraft paper bag itself has a rustic and retro temperament. Usually use jute rope, yellow brown paper rope, dark portable rope, etc.

White kraft paper bag

White kraft paper bags are white and translucent, and often use a red hand-held rope to highlight their good temperament. White cardboard paper bags are pure white and flawless, and the bag is strong. The most common is to use a white hand-held rope to further express its fairy spirit. Some manufacturers also use black hand-held ropes on white paper bags to make a strong contrast, because black and white are the most classic color combination in the design world. The strong color collision makes it easy for people to remember.

Other black card paper bags, coated paper bags, and art paper bags use the same color as the bag body to highlight its integrity. This is the most common method. When you don't know which color of hand strap to match, the same color hand strap is basically not wrong.

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