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Basic gift wrapping methods

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Basic gift wrapping methods

1. Lay the colored paper on the table, put the gift box in the center of the colored paper, and set aside up, down, left and right.

2. Press and hold the box to prevent it from moving. Fold the colored paper on the right side to the gift box. Note that the edge of the colored paper should be placed at the midline of the box.

3. The left side colored paper is also folded in the same way, pressing the left side colored paper on the right side colored paper.

4. Use double-sided tape to stick to the inside of the left and colored paper, and then fix it with the right colored paper.


5. Fold the colored paper left at the top towards the inside of the gift box. Fold both sides first and then fold up and down.

6. Fold to the method introduced to you in the previous step, such a rough packaging shape is ready.

7. The colored paper set aside in the lower part is also made according to the method of folding the upper part.

8. The crease must be made at the edge, the effect will look more three-dimensional.

9. After that, fix it with double-sided tape, turn the gift box to the front, and decorate it with ribbon flowers.

Sugar cube gift packaging method
1. Spread the colored paper, place the
gift box in the center of the colored paper, lay it diagonally, and fold the colored paper below to the gift box to cover it.

2. The top paper is also folded in the same way. If you can't fold it as shown in the picture, it may be because the color paper you selected is not the right size.

3. Press toward the gift box, and then fold the excess colored paper into the inside.

4. Fix the upper and left corners with transparent tape, and fold the lower paper in the same way.

5. The colored paper on the right side is also lifted up according to the colored paper on the left side. Tighten the corner of the account gift box and fold it to the outside. After that, there is tape to fix it. There may be more colored paper. Fold it again and then pack it. 6. The paper under the right side is folded inwards, forming a neat fold line that is close to the corner of the box. The paper that is standing on the outside cannot be exposed to both sides. Fix it with tape, and then arrange the front.

7. Fold the outer paper to the side of the body, fold the excess paper inward along the side of the box, and fix the edge with tape.

8. Place the gift box on the front, and add ribbon flower decoration to complete.


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